Dope Decks!

Home of the original and overwhelmingly popular Dope Deck! Born in the shop of Studio C5 to assist an ailing loved one, The Original Dope Deck in its surprising popularity, paved the way for Chronic Storage. When we realized that the response to our product wasn’t going to slow down, we started expanding our line with other weed storage and organization solutions. Using a wide range of materials including exotic woods, bamboo and real Canadian hardwoods, we think we’ve come up with something for just about everybody. Check out our selection and see what suits you. If you don’t find something perfect for you, let us know we are always happy to create custom items.

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Personalize Everything! Laser engrave any name anywhere for just $9.95


Facebook Community: Click the messenger button at the bottom of the page to instantly connect with us. We love to discuss new products, techniques and how to personalize and customize products for you and your loved ones.


Generally speaking, if we are awake, we are available to take your order and work with you to make your personalized well thought out gift. If at first we don’t answer your email, Facebook message, post or comment give us a call at 780-739-3315