About Us

Chronic Storage is an interesting story of how life created a necessity, we created a solution and you made everything after that possible. Thank you to the high grade individuals who encouraged and supported us in this venture!

Our Story

Our story has a couple of twists and turns but I will try to keep it simple here. It started with the illness of my aunt who was the original stoner and party animal all the way through her 60’s. She was a blast to say the least. Having had no surviving children and given her closeness with her sister (my mother) I ended up being the one to take care of her as she fought her battle. As cancer spread to her brain, she was robbed of many things bit by bit including her motor skills. It did not however, take her love of the 420 lifestyle!  So there I was doing my best to take care of her needs and as many wants as I could but my life lead me in a direction that didn’t have any room for 420 in my life and I had long since forgot how to roll (at least roll well and neatly). She would get so snitty over my wastage and mess that I had to do something! So late one night as she slept, I invented the DopeDeck. Yes, I’m aware I am not an inventor, people have been using trays since the dawn of the bud. But I wanted something that wasn’t obvious, something you might find on any kitchen table at any time of day without so boldly announcing to everybody that I was a weedlover! The DopeDeck claim to fame isn’t that its another weed rolling tray, obviously. But what sets ours apart is that simply by turning it over on a table or setting it up on a stand facing backwards, your rolling tray becomes a nice feature in your decor. With endless options for laser engraved backers you get to show off your uniqueness and taste whenever you are not actually rolling. People love how otherwise judgmental people admire what they don’t know is a DopeDeck! But back to the story of our beginning. As you can imagine these became very popular very quickly and we had no choice but to roll with it (yeah yeah pun intended)! As the orders came in, so did other requests and before we knew it, our clients had grown our product line into something that needed its own place outside of Studio C5 and here we are. Now my aunt is long since gone and while I wouldn’t suggest this is a legacy of hers per se…. I do feel like it keeps her with me, she inspired the DopeDeck which made Chronic Storage possible. My Aunt, Lena Cote, known by many, loved by most, forgotten by none. Thanks for the memories, the inspiration and the reminder to have fun!


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